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Service Information

Service Information.

We help you keep your Volkswagen a Volkswagen.

All models of Volkswagen requires high level of service expertise to handle the technology. Our employees are trained in technology by Volkswagen as per International training programs. You can be sure: no-one knows Volkswagen better than we do.  

Volkswagen Service expertise

Important information

Dear VW Customer,

Please take few minutes to read & understand the below important information regarding your new Volkswagen vehicle. For any clarification please contact your Sales/Service Officer or visit your nearest Volkswagen Centre.

Volkswagen Service workshop

Vehicle performance and regular service inspections

a. Volkswagen does not recommend installation of Tracking Devices or other electrical/electronic accessories on the vehicle. Such installation may affect the performance of the vehicle leading to consequential damages and shall void vehicle warranty. For genuine Volkswagen accessories please visit nearest Volkswagen Service Centre.

b. It is essential for your Volkswagen authorized service partner to perform regular service inspections on your vehicle to enjoy the extended ownership and ultimate driving experience. The service schedule informs you when the service inspection must be performed.

c. DO NOT, in any circumstances, carry out any service/repairs at unauthorized service stations which will forfeit the warranty of your vehicle.

d. Volkswagen does not recommend water washing of engine compartment because of sensors and other electronic parts located in it.

Volkswagen Service diagnostics

Volkswagen Service diagnostics systems

Volkswagen is synonymous with safety and ride comfort, in keeping with the latest standards of modern automotive engineering. Our high-tech diagnostics systems allow us to maintain these values, while our direct links with the manufacturer guarantee maintenance and repair to the latest engineering standards.
Volkswagen Genuine Parts®

Volkswagen Warranty

  • All Volkswagen vehicles come with a standard warranty of Two year or 60,000 km.
  • Warranty on Volkswagen vehicles does not cover Wheels, Tyres, Battery & Body Parts. General wear & tear items such as fuses, brake discs, clutch plates, shock absorbers and rubber parts are conditional and only covered if reported within 2,000 kms or 02 months whichever comes first from the date of sale.
  • Warranty, under no circumstances, covers the replacement of vehicles but is only restricted to repair/replacement of affected parts if diagnosed for manufacturing defects.
  • Do not tamper with the recommended specifications of the vehicle by installing performance enhancement devices or adding fuel/oil cleaning or flushing additives.


Volkswagen Service diagnostics

Service Hotline

Please call this number for Service information:
+234 (0) 8054599999